Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kinda Crap First 2 Days

Today I'm sitting here in a hotel in Sedro-Woolley, WA typing out this very blog post on Michelle's bluetooth keyboard. It's kinda untinutive, as there's a notable lag between my input on the keyboard and when I see the letter appear on the screen of my phone. This wouldn't be a huge problem, except that every so often, I get two of the same letter in a row but often don't notice until I'm on a different word. Groan.
So here's how the first 2 days of this tour thing have gone, in brief terms because this keyboard is a bit of a pain.
Day 1: We made it from Squamish, BC to a town called Mission, BC. Navigating through Vancouver on a bike is the worst thing I've ever done on a bike, and something I will never repeat ever again if possible. It was so frustrating that I'm still upset about it even now. Even more than the rain (more on that later). Because Vancouver made it so that covering 60 km took 5 hours, we were both emotionally and physically toasted, and since there was no real place to camp, so we stayed in a hotel instead. This was great, because we could do laundry, as well as take showers and be comfortable and warm for the evening.
Day 2: The day started out rainy, and remained rainy for the entire day. Today was a hotel-to-hotel jog since the rain soaked through every single thing I've got. Camping in this state would be all kinds of miserable and soggy, so to hell with that.
This blog post has sucked, but I'm ending it here anyway and blaming my emotional state and this keyboard, so deal with it. A more in-depth post of all this stuff will come hopefully when I get to Steamboat. Bwuh...


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